Marta's Story

Margaret Regan in Tucson Weekly: "On a blistering day in late September, a party of some 50 undocumented migrants slowly made their way through the dangerous desert country southwest of Tucson..."

The Central Americans were rescued by BORSTAR. Here's how Regan describes BORSTAR's birth: "BORSTAR, as it's called, was founded in 1998, the same year the feds initiated Operation Safeguard in Arizona. (The similar Operation Gatekeeper started in California and Texas in 1994.) By erecting border fences and strengthening surveillance in border towns, Safeguard cut down on urban crossings, but it pushed migrants farther out into dangerous country like the Buenos Aires wilderness. The new search-and-rescue group was organized specifically to save migrants in distress."

That's right: The Border Patrol instituted a policy that it knew would put human lives at risk, even death.