Wall Street -- Main Street

BusinessWeek looks at the Wall Street -- Main Street divide in two different stories a week apart. Here, "The contrast between Kolbe's hardline rhetoric and his actual record is symptomatic of the predicament in which the Republican Party finds itself. Despite ringing GOP calls to crack the whip, business lobbies, particularly those representing the retail, construction, tourism, and landscaping industries, are pushing to keep a steady flow of low-wage workers into the labor pool. If the liberal approach of Arizona's usually conservative congressional delegation is any guide, business seems to be prevailing so far." And here, "In the nearly two years since he first pitched the idea of reforming immigration laws, President George W. Bush's more tolerant approach toward illegal immigrants has fallen flat with the party's conservative faithful while warming the hearts and opening the wallets of the party's business allies. Now the White House is preparing to regroup under a tougher banner ... The ultimate goal: by recasting the Administration's moribund amnesty proposal of January, 2004, as a drive to reassert control over the southern border, the Administration might still be able to satisfy demands from the party's business wing for a continued supply of migrant labor.