December News Highlights

There will be more on this and other matters in the newsletter, which just went out and which will shortly be posted on the main site. We'll post a link here, as well. In the meantime, here are a few major pieces of news:

1. We need health kits. Migration starts up again in February and we'd like to lay in a supply at various church and parish shelters. Click here for more details on what to collect and where to send.

2. Also in relation to the coming migration, Mexico's human rights commission has agreed to print and distribute our warning posters/maps throughout the country. This is cause for great joy and hope.

3. A Humane Borders delegation will meet with Mexico's human rights commission Jan. 19-25 in Mexico City to present the warning posters/maps, meet with high level Mexican officials, perhaps make a presentation at the university, and hold a press conference to spread the word and warnings.