More And More Women

The New York Times (reg. req.) uses the story of Normaeli Gallardo, a single mother from Acapulco, to explain why more and more women risk their lives to cross.

And finally, Ms. Gallardo, 38, who earned $50 a week at an Acapulco hotel, had to contemplate life without her two vivacious daughters, Isabel, 7, and Fernanda, 5. That once unimaginable trade-off - leaving her children behind so they could one day leave poverty behind - had suddenly become her only option.
Kat Rodriguez is quoted:
But to most of the women who cross the border, the debate over illegal immigration and the ire of taxpayers has little bearing, if any, on the difficult decision they make to undertake the journey. " 'Vale la pena,' " said Kat Rodriguez, an organizer for the Human Rights Coalition in Tucson, echoing a refrain among the women. " 'It's worth it.'"
Update: Here's the same story, accessible without registration, at the International Herald Tribune.