How Big? Soooo Big

Rep. Kolbe, no friend to the build-a-wall-and-kick-'em-out crowd, took some of his esteemed colleagues on a little tour of the big border recently, far from the hallowed halls of Congress where it's oh-so-easy to hold forth on so much with so little knowledge. As reported by Mike Madden in the Arizona Republic:
During the tour, lawmakers flew along the border between Naco and Douglas in Customs and Border Protection Blackhawk helicopters, with Kolbe and Border Patrol agents pointing out trails used by immigrants to cross into the United States illegally and mountainous terrain that agents can't easily cover. They visited the Naco Border Patrol station Saturday night as agents processed more than 30 undocumented immigrants caught earlier in the evening. They also watched cameras track suspected border-crossers near the Naco fence.
Whether the tour changed any minds is hard to tell. But here's a telling quote:
I just can't get over how massive this is, compared to (the border) in California," said Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., a Los Angeles-area lawmaker who co-wrote the House bill's mandate for miles of fencing, including some in Arizona. "In California, it's so tiny. The prospect of a wall is kind of a tough, tough thing (in Arizona).
Yes, Congressman. That's right.