Let's Remember

Claudine LoMonaco reported this a while back in the Tucson Citizen, but it's worth remembering:
As the fate of illegal immigrants continues to be debated, their children - many of whom are U.S. citizens - are too often an afterthought, according to a group of Tucson leaders who want to change that.

"Most of the debate is framed in terms of us and them," said University of Arizona Sociology professor Don Grant, who organized a forum last night at St. Mark's United Methodist Church, 1431 W. Magee Road. "You have some folks on the left saying how they help us. And then you have people on the right saying how they pose a threat to us."

The next generation cannot be categorized so simply, Grant said.

"In the most real and legal sense, they - the children of immigrants - are actually us," he said.