We All Agree, Then?

A quick roundup of opinion about the Bush National Guard plan from the Arizona Daily Star:
"It's an incredibly dangerous precedent for all of us, not just for those of us who live on the border," said Isabel Garcia of Derechos Humanos.

Jennifer Allen of the Border Action Network said, "Putting military troops on the border, further blurring the line between law enforcement and immigration, the disposable-worker program; these are not proposals that actually support the values of this country and the reason people want to immigrate into it."

Garcia and Allen, and the Rev. Robin Hoover, president of Humane Borders, said the temporary-worker plan will do no good without worker-protection guarantees, an element not mentioned in the speech.

Hoover said the National Guard would be better used interviewing illegal entrants already living inside the country to speed up the legalization process.

Arizona's anti-illegal-immigration activists said the president's plan won't accomplish anything.

"They'll be sitting around doing absolutely nothing," said Minuteman Civil Defense Corps President Chris Simcox. "It's smoke and mirrors, it's a joke. And anybody that buys it is the fool that the president thinks they are."

Simcox said the president was clearly pandering for votes and attempting to appease his voting base.