Southside Turns 100

Nice piece in the Arizona Daily Star.

Minutemen Defeated

Ernesto Portillo Jr. writes: Randy Graf and the Republicans were not the only ones to get a thumping in Tuesday's election. The Minutemen were thumped, too. Despite the Minutemen's all-out effort to get Republican Graf into the congressional seat vacated by fellow Republican Jim Kolbe, their man lost his bid — in a Republican-dominated district — to Democrat Gabrielle Giffords.


Human Rights Award

Robin writes: "It's official. I'm to receive a special human rights award from Mexico. There is a National Human Rights Award which will be shared by Isabel Garcia and Padre Flor Maria Rigoni (north and south borders). I could not receive that because I'm not Mexican. So, the National Commission of Human Rights has created a special award just for me by adding a Latin phrase or two to the name of the award. Plans are for the award to be presented December 11 by Mexico's new president, Felipe Calderon at Los Pinos (Mexican equivalent of the White House)."